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Paulo Prietto


Courtesy Photo from FSM

What’s your name?
Paulo Prietto

How long have you been skimming?
20 years. I started as a grom when I was 7.

Where do you skim normally?
West St. and Aliso

Who do you skim with?
It varies. Lately, I skim with whoever is at the beach while I’m there. Could be anyone. Today, I skimmed with Anna Prophet, Jesse, Woody, Jake Stinnett, Corey Hanks, Tim Fulton, and Perry Wells.


Courtesy Photo from FSM

What is your favorite skim spot?
Wedge. When Wedge is working, I go out of my way to be there because it’s
unlike any other spot I’ve skimmed. You do have to deal with it being
crowded, but one good wave can make the drive up to Newport worth while.

Where have you traveled to skimboard?
I’ve traveled to different locations up and down the east coast, California, Cabo, Melaque, Chile, France, Portugal, Japan and Taiwan. I’d like to visit Brazil, Australia, and the Dominican Republic someday.

What board(s) do you ride?
I ride a medium, 5/8″ thick, Exile. It’s the same shape I’ve been riding for years, but nowadays I use less rocker.

Do you compete?
Yup. I’ve competed on the UST for many years. I’ve also been fortunate
enough to compete at non UST events such as the Melaque contest, Chile, some
contests in Florida and other ones on the Skim USA tour.

And what are some of your contest highlights?
I finished 1st on the UST from 2005-2007. I’ve won individual contests and placed well over the years, but I just can remember all of them.


Courtesy Photo from Exile Skimboards

Do you have any sponsors? What companies?
I ride for Exile Skimboards, ExtremeOutdoorSupply.com, Atwater, Resistence,
On a Mission, and Etnies.

What other board sports do you partake in?
I surf and snowboard so I don’t overdose on skimming.


Courtesy Photo from Exile Skimboards

What skimboarding goals do you have?
My main goal is for skimboarding to grow and be a respected sport. Because I’ve been skimboarding for so many years, I’d like it to get the respect it deserves. I’d like to see a pro tour that has a backing sponsor willing to invest in the sport. My immediate goals are simple. I’d like to continue progressing my skimboarding in any way possible.


Courtesy Photo from Exile Skimboards

Where do you see the skimboarding going in the future?
I see skimboarding growing gradually. I think the UST is important for the sport, and I see the UST becoming more competitive. I think that new skim locations will continue to unveil themselves over time keeping everyone psyched on the sport.


Courtesy Photo from Exile Skimboards

What riders influenced your skimboarding?
Growing up I looked up to my older brother the most. He and I skimmed together all the time. I also remember looking up to the riders who would skim Victoria Beach regularly such as Fletcher Johnson, Kai Bond, and Keith Perry. Those guys kept me stoked on the sport.

What riders are pushing the sport right now?
There are a lot of riders that are pushing the sport nowadays, in more ways than ever before. I think guys like Brad Domke and James Lovett are blowing minds with their riding. I also see guys like Matt Adams, Jason Wilson, Aaron Peluso, Tex, and Bob Smetts are making big impacts on the sport with their videos, shops, and UST organization. The sport has come a long way since I got into it, and it’s exciting to think about where it still can go.


Courtesy Photo from Exile Skimboards

If you were stranded on a desert island that already has a plentiful resource of skimboards what three things would you bring?
My wife, Bear Grylls survivor guide and Lindt chocolate.

What is the best advice you can to a skim grom trying to get recognized?
Go out and skim a lot. Get noticed with your free riding first before stressing about contest results. I would focus on just your skimboarding more than anything else. Watch videos and learn as much you can. Skim
different locations as much as possible and don’t be scared to meet other skimboarders outside of your friend circle. Spread the skim love and people will notice.

Do you wave skim? Flatland? Both?

What is your favorite skimboarding trick?

Last words? Shout outs?
Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years.



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