Rodeo Flip

Check out Austin Keen’s Rodeo Flip on a skimboard. The future is now.


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November Sun

“Well, after almost a month of horrible tides. I was able to partake in a fun little sesh at Eastbeach. This less then epic edit is the result of no filmer and little to sesh. Hope you enjoy …

How the Northwest Was One

This is not skimboarding related, but without when you can’t skimboard in the Pacific Northwest you snowboard. If you happen to be in Bellingham Thursday, Oct. 8 and you should check out R…

Wunderkind Now Available!

Matt Adam’s Wunderkind is finally here! Wunderkind features three episodes of following Paulo Prietto, Ben Lucas, John Akerman, Brad Domke and Brandon Rothe around mainland Mexico. This DVD i…

Who will win the 2009 UST Tour?

Going into the Ocktoberfest last event of the UST Tour it is a close race for the UST Crown. Who will win the 2009 UST Tour? (polls) c

Skimboard videoshoots in Bellingham

Over the course of the past two weeks I had the pleasure to skim with Bryce and Isaac of DB Skimboards and Marty and Jason from LSskim while they were filming new movies at my local flatland spot L…

POLL: Who is your favorite UST rider?

Who is your favorite United Skim Tour rider right now? (polls) If we are missing your favorite United Skim Tour rider post his or her name in the comments and we will ad them to the poll.

Pro-surfer Jamie O'Brien skimboarding

The Red Bull Rivals Surf Contest took place at Sandy Beach, Oahu recently. The surf world’s longest-running and most famous rivalry between Oahu’s North Shore and South Shore, Town vs. …

Age Means Nothing To Skimboarders

Last weekend, Hurricane Bill brought tremendous swell to the East Coast. With waves reaching heights of eight feet, it was perfect timing for the 16th Annual 2009 Florida Skimboarding Pro-Am at Vi…

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